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We believe “Quality comes with Time”

Our co-founders fell in love with this artistry under the influence of their families, who have been in different areas of the Jewelry business. Our mission is to share and promote this craft, by creating jewelry that could last timelessly with the aspect of sentimental values, beauty and durability.

We also understand the purchasing experience is crucial. So, we would like to provide a more well-rounded experience of appreciating jewelry:
– Creating a comfortable and relax environment for you to understand and appreciate this fine art.
– Offering of our handpicked precious mineral and jewelry which are simple, elegant and durable with exquisite craftsmanship.
-All of our jewelry is based on our high requirements, to ensure this withstands the challenge of time and the standard of beauty.

Timeless Jewelry Creation, a boutique jewelry shop situated in the heart of Causeway Bay, a member of “The Hong Kong Jewelers’ and Goldsmiths’ Association” and “No Fake Pledge” to provide utmost confidents.

Client Review
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Kathy Wong
1 month ago


Michele Yick
2 months ago

I had my wedding diamond pearl earrings tailor made with Timless JC. Francis is very professional and friendly in helping me to select the best pearls and diamonds within my budget; while often provide honest advice and suggestions. The whole process was very pleasant, speedy...

CarCar CarCar S
4 months ago

非常棒的一家店!! 我們本來是對結婚戒指的設計是沒有什麼概念的。
但店主非常細心和有耐性,先由我們如何在一起的故事開始慢慢去了解, 然後再提議我們一些可加入的設計元素, 令到最後出來的成品,完完全全成為了一份屬於我倆最獨特的禮物。

Marcie Mok
10 months ago


Annie Wong
10 months ago

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